Karađorđe/Black George’s steak


This recipe is a Serbian national dish. It was invented in the 1950s by a Serbian chef called Milovan Stojanović. The story is quite interesting. He had the job to make a Chicken Kiev for a Russian guest. When he saw that he didn’t have all the ingredients he just winged it and made this dish instead.


For one steak you will need

150 grams of pork/veal steaks or tenderloin meat

40g of kaymak or if you can’t find this then clotted cream works too

3 eggs


Bread crumbs




Step 1.

First we need to do prep work for the dish

You need to cut the tenderloin meat into steaks or get it cut at a butcher’s shop. You need to tenderize the meat so it becomes nice and thin. If the meat is too THICC then there is a good chance that the inside of the steak will stay raw.

Take 3 eggs and beat them until you get a uniform mass, also prepare breadcrumbs and flour on separate plates for breading.

Step 2.

Now that we have everything prepped we can start.

Salt and pepper the steak, then put some kaymak or clotted cream on the part of the meat where you will start rolling. Roll the steak lengthwise, like a pancake.

When you roll the meat it should look like in the picture.

NOTE: There is one more step here, that I didn’t do because I cut the steaks myself. You should tuck the sides of the steaks that they look like pancakes, so the filling doesn’t spill out while frying.

Step 3.

Now take the steaks and cover them in flour.

After that you will dip them in beated eggs, then cover them with breadcrumbs. Repeat this step one more time.

Now we have prepped the steaks and we can finally make the dish.

Step 4.

Put a generous ammount of oil in the pan, the steaks should be covered in oil.

Wait until the oil is heated, then put the steaks to fry. Fry on medium heat until you have a nice light brown crust, just like in the picture.

Step 5.

A great side dish for this dish are steamed veggies, like brussel sprouts.


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