How to clean your leather boots like a PRO


Yikes the boots on the left are hideous, and ones on the right, can you believe they are the same pair. Today I will how you how you can not only clean your boots but also how to protect them from the elements.

First you need to clean your leather shoe, to do this use shampoo (any will do) and a clean sponge. You need to remove the shoelaces first, then make some suds with the shampoo and clean the shoe. Dry off the boot with a cloth and leave it for 10 – 15 minutes to dry.

Now for this step I use Hemel Plus Exclusive – wax based cream (it is like leather conditioner, just better). You take a piece of cloth (an old sock a piece of an old t – shirt will do) and wrap it tightly around your index and middle fingers, scoop a bit of Hemel cream and using circular motions start applying it in a thin layer. Put a bit more in the areas where there are cracks and where there is stitching. After applying the cream wait for a couple of minutes and then buff the boot with a clean cloth, this will prevent dust adhesion to your shoes.

NOTE: I am not sponsored by Hemel I just found that it suits my needs. Here is a link to their site if you want to try it here

If there is snow or heavy rain where you are at then you should wait for 30 minutes and repeat the process one more time. Adding one more coating to the leather will do wonders for waterproofing your boot and giving it added protection from salt, dirt etc.

If you just want to protect your boots without polishing them and adding some extra shine, you’re basically done.

Now to add that mirror shine to your boot, leave them for another 20 – 30 minutes then polish your boots one more time just to remove any excess cream. Now take some cloth and wrap it tightly around your index and middle fingers, just like you did for the Hemel cream, and scoop a generous amount of shoe polish, for this I used Kiwi brown shoe cream. You need to use shoe polish that matches the colour of your boots. You can buy the Kiwi shoe polish here. I apply the polish on the boot and let it for about 10 – 15 minutes to dry. Now use a shoe shine brush and brush vigorously. This will leave a thin lair of polish on the boots.

Now you can walk around with a shined boot just like like this.

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